Dragonfly engulfs a brake in the driver video of the car window

"Disgusted" driver watches in horror as a green dragonfly engulfs a LIVE brake on her car window

  • Destiny Cooper filmed a dragonfly that ate a live brake in Maurepas, Louisiana
  • She watched the green insect slowly devour the brakes on her car window
  • Ms. Cooper expressed her "disgust" and later shared the footage on her Facebook

The moment when a large green dragonfly, which is attached to a living brake on a car window, was filmed by a woman in the vehicle in all its cruel details.

Destiny Cooper filmed the dragonfly and took the time to eat the smaller insect little by little as she watched Maurepas, Louisiana.

In the close-up, the flying insect chews on the brake. The smaller insect's legs twitch as the dragonfly turns it into a crispy snack.

Destiny Cooper filmed a dragonfly who took the time to eat a brake gradually as she watched Maurepas, Louisiana.

Ms. Cooper is horrified by the scene and gasps as the green insect begins to eat the brake's legs.

"Oh my god," Ms. Cooper can be heard exclaimed during the video.

She continues to film the stomach upset scene and says "I'm disgusted" at the end of the footage.

Ms. Cooper shared the video on her Facebook page on July 15th.

She gave the footage a title: "I've never seen anything like it."

Dragonflies can vary in size, but are generally up to 100 mm long.

In prehistoric times, dragonflies were much larger than today and reached up to 762 mm.

The brake is much smaller in comparison and only reaches a maximum of 25 mm.

Dragonflies usually eat other flying operations, especially smaller ones like mosquitoes and mosquitoes.

But they also feed on larger missions, including butterflies, moths and even smaller dragonflies.


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