Donald Trump says COVID will "take its course" as he prepares to return to the campaign path

President Donald Trump claimed Monday that the coronavirus pandemic would "take its course" as he prepares to return to the campaign with a rally in Florida tonight.

Trump is keen to speed up his re-election bid over the last three weeks of the competition and project an image of strength after being hit by COVID.

In addition to a series of rallies this week in which he himself stars, the Senate hearing in the Supreme Court Confirmation of Trump's Amy Comey Barrett, which Republicans will try to rally the party's base, begins Monday .

Trump will need all the guns in his arsenal if he returns to the re-election business.

He has had a far-reaching debate performance behind him; Voters gave him bad marks for his handling of the pandemic, particularly seniors, one of the most reliable polling blocs. and Democratic rival Joe Biden will lead Trump in the polls – in some double-digit numbers – when the campaign reaches its final stage.

And since more than 215,000 Americans have died from the disease, Trump says COVID will pass. The president has consistently tried to downplay the effects of the pandemic and push the country to reopen in an effort to boost the economy.

& # 39; Big increase in China plague in Europe and other places that the fake news has cited as examples of places going well to make the US look bad. Be strong and vigilant, it will take its course. Vaccines and Remedies Are Coming Fast! “He wrote in a tweet storm Monday morning in which he also complained that the elections are being rigged and that the law enforcement authorities complained are not doing enough against ANTIFA.

President Donald Trump claimed the coronavirus pandemic would "take its course" as he prepares to return to the campaign with a rally in Florida Monday night

Trump returns to the campaign trail for the first time since being diagnosed with COVID on Monday evening. He's going to hold a rally in Sanford, Florida, where he was supposed to be last Friday night before testing positive for COVID.

And it's a state he has to win if he wants a second term in the White House.

Monday also marks the start of a multitude of election campaign freezes in states that are vital to his re-election. Trump will be in Johnston, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, Des Moines on Wednesday, and Greenville, North Carolina on Thursday.

There will be no obligation for its supporters to wear masks, however, but they are encouraged to do so.

"We'll have the same guidelines that we put in place. The campaign has always been handing out masks that encourage people to wear them, or hand sanitizing." Ultimately in this country you have the right to show yourself and to express your political position. That is why we have peaceful protests. You cannot have a standard for the protesters out there on the one hand, but not for those who want to express their first rights of amendment in support of this President, ”White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told Fox & McEnany on Monday morning. Friends ".

Trump wants to be out and about every day until November 3rd.

The campaign is working on Axios, but an adviser told the president's news agency: "He's going to kill himself."

Questions about the president's health remain open.

On Saturday, President Trump previewed his new campaign strategy with an event on the South Lawn of the White House.

But he spoke for less than 20 minutes – if his campaign lasted an average of 90 minutes or more – and had flesh-colored bandages on the back of his hand.

The White House didn't say if the president tested negative for COVID.

"It is no longer viewed as a risk of transmission to others," wrote Trump's doctor, Dr. Sean Conley in a memo on Sunday.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leads the polls three weeks before election day

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leads the polls three weeks before election day

President Trump on Sunday defended his return to campaigning for Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo.

“Well, the doctors, the doctors of the White House, as you know, are the best. And they said completely free from spread. There is no spread. And it wasn't yesterday either. And by the way, I don't know if you noticed, I was on a balcony. The next person was probably a few hundred feet away. And they were down in the grass. Nobody was around yesterday, ”he said of his event on Saturday.

And he campaigned for his own recovery from COVID after spending four days in the hospital battling the disease.

“It looks like I'm immune to, I don't know, maybe a long time or maybe a short time. It could be a lifetime. Nobody really knows. But I am immune. So the president is in very good shape to fight the battles, ”he said.

“I knew I was free. I beat this crazy, horrible China virus, ”he said.