Dean Anthony Sellenthin regrets crimes such as raping dogs and attacking an older woman

Serial dog rapist who has had sex with a golden retriever says he is "disgusted" by his actions and "deeply sad".

  • Dean Sellenthin has repeatedly raped dogs and has been in custody since 2017
  • He attacked a woman, filmed children in their houses and stole underwear
  • Sellethin appeared in court on Wednesday and regretted his crimes
  • Sellenthin will appear again before the Lismore District Court on Thursday for sentencing

A serial rapist who had sex with a golden retriever and attacked a frail old woman who lost her eyesight deeply regrets what he did.

Dean Anthony Sellenthin, 43, of Bangalow on the north coast of New South Wales, told Lismore District Court on Wednesday that he was "disgusted" by his actions.

Sellenthin should be convicted of a number of crimes, including repeated rape of dogs, breaking into a woman's home and assault, sexual assault, filming children in her home, and stealing underwear.

He was arrested in November 2017 and has been detained since then.

Dean Anthony Sellenthin repeatedly rapes dogs, including a golden retriever, but regrets his crimes (file picture)

Sellenthin told the court that he deeply regretted the attack by the older woman, who has since died.

"I had no right to enter your home to attack her," he said, The Northern Star reported.

"I had no right to make her feel insecure."

Sellenthin's offenses took place between 2009 and 2017.

Court documents said Sellenthin had committed bestial acts against a number of dogs, including a golden retriever woman and a black short-haired male.

The documents did not explain how the police knew Sellenthin was involved in bestial acts.

The 43-year-old said drug use had contributed to his insult, but wanted him to "stop".

"I am disgusted to think of how my life got there," he said.

The 43-year-old had previously been detained while completing a sex offender program.

The Crown Prosecutor said Sellenthin was "impulsive" and no one was "safe" even when he was in his home.

Jason Watts, Sellenthin's lawyer, said he had never had any contact with the children.

Sellenthin will appear in court again on Thursday to be convicted.

Sellenthin also attacked an elderly woman with visual impairment and filmed children in their homes (file picture)

Sellenthin also attacked an elderly woman with visual impairment and filmed children in their homes (file picture)


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