Covid Lockdown: Leakage of Secret Plans To Force Boris Johnson To Act

Important points about the COVID lockdown Mark 2

  • The restrictions start at midnight on Thursday morning and last until December 2nd.
  • People can only leave their home for certain reasons, such as: For example, to do important purchases, move around and work when they are unable to work from home.
  • Unnecessary stores are closed, although supermarkets do not have to close their aisles like in Wales.
  • Restaurants and bars will have to close unless they can provide take-away service.
  • Traveling abroad is only allowed for "essential" reasons such as work. People can still return to the UK from abroad.
  • Leisure centers, gyms, sports venues, hairdressers and beauty salons will have to close, although professional sports will continue.
  • Important companies that cannot work remotely, such as B. Construction companies should take safety precautions as before.
  • Places of worship can remain open for private prayers. Funerals are limited to close families only.
  • The vacation program will be extended during the blocking period and will not end tomorrow as originally planned.
  • Sports are allowed with no frequency limit, but organized sports – including outdoor activities such as golf – are not allowed.
  • When the lockdown expires, the Tiers system will be restored and questions remain about the metric used to determine whether restrictions can be lifted in areas.

Boris Johnson Johnson was catapulted to announce a total lockdown on England last night after a 24 hour cyclone that seemed to have gotten completely out of hand.

The prime minister stood outside the country last night to announce a four-week shutdown, Thursday through December 2, after numerous cases of coronavirus emerged that could cause thousands of deaths.

But timing wasn't his choice – instead, he had to speed up the announcement after his plans were leaked from a secret ministerial meeting on Friday.

Downing Street officials were furious to read details of the lockdown in the opening issues of the Daily Mail on Saturday just hours after the decision was made by the "quad" of Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Michael Gove and Mr. Hancock.

It forced Mr Johnson to move the announcement of the measure forward from Monday to yesterday, although many details were still being finalized.

The leak meant the shutdown was on the front pages before the rest of the Cabinet were informed of the decision.

Cabinet minister Mr Gove said today that he had not disclosed details of the new coronavirus lockdown restrictions before the government intended to announce them – nor did he know who he might be.

Mr Johnson has opened an investigation to find the source of the leak, but Mr Gove insisted it wasn't.

When asked by the BBC's Andrew Marr whether he leaked the information, Mr. Gove replied, "No." When asked if he knew who it leaked, he said, "No."

Mr Gove suggested that England would risk spending Christmas under a full lockdown if the four-week November shutdown fails to tackle the second wave of coronavirus to hit the nation.

The Cabinet Office Minister let the specter of a gloomy December with closed pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops arise if the R-Rate does not drop enough, even though the closure is meant to save the festive season.

When he appeared on TV this morning, he defended Boris Johnson's decision last night to plunge England into a full lockdown, despite previously calling it a "nuclear option".

This is how the bombing period in coronavirus policy went:

Friday October 31st

Prime Minister Boris Johnson received hard facts about real people in hospital beds and the debate was practically over

14 o'clock: A senior SAGE source informs reporters that it is "not too late to save Christmas" with a month-long lockdown.

They are calling for the closure of all pubs, restaurants and venues where households mix indoors.

It comes after a government-led study by Imperial College London was published which found that nearly 100,000 people contract Covid-19 every day in the UK.

Heat maps were presented at the press conference, showing that the infections are spreading to older age groups

Heat maps were presented at the press conference, showing that the infections are spreading to older age groups

The REACT-1 project, which wiped tens of thousands of people each week, estimated that around 96,000 people were infected daily in England by October 25.

French President Emmanuel Macron has already announced a second national lockdown by the end of November, and Chancellor Angela Merkel also announces a less stringent lockdown, but this includes the closure of restaurants, gyms and theaters.

3 pm: The contributions will be published online from a SAGE meeting, which shows that advisors warned ministers on October 14th that the UK could be in a more serious situation than the scientists' worst case scenario.

They say "we are violating the number of infections and hospital admissions in the 'Reasonable Worst Case" planning scenario "and the outlook for the future spread of Covid-19 has been" worrying "if no action is taken.

The SAGE papers warn that, according to modeling, up to 74,000 people could be infected per day in England alone, well beyond the worst-case scenario.

Late afternoon: The almighty Covid Quad committee, which made all key strategic decisions during the pandemic, met with 20 experts in the cabinet office on Friday.

The Prime Minister continued to support Rishi Sunak's hopes of keeping the economy open until Sir Simon Stevens, the head of the NHS, sentenced the country to another month in prison.

The Prime Minister continued to support Rishi Sunak's hopes of keeping the economy open until Sir Simon Stevens, the head of the NHS, sentenced the country to an additional month in prison.

Boris Johnson, chairman of the committee meeting, fought what one source called a "valiant struggle" to keep the country open, "argue with itself" and approve of many of his Chancellor's Hawk warnings about the economic carnage involved .

Every time Health Secretary Matt Hancock made his case for the lockdown, Mr. Gove had his support.

Both ministers were encouraged by France and Germany's move to lock them down completely.

The Prime Minister continued to support his Chancellor until Sir Simon Stevens, the head of the NHS, sentenced the country to another month in prison.

Early evening: Downing Street is informed that ITV Political Editor Robert Peston has received a "lecture of the entire meeting," according to the Times.

10.30 p.m .: No10's plans to shut down England for at least a month have also been leaked in the Daily Mail and will be announced when the first issue of the paper comes out on Saturday.

The mail learns that SAGE told ministers that Covid-19 is spreading "significantly" faster than even their original prediction of the "worst-case scenario".

Downing Street is angry at reading details of the lockdown in the first editions of the Saturday newspapers, hours after Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Michael Gove and Matt Hancock made the decision.

The leak means the shutdown was on the front pages before the rest of the cabinet was informed and sparked widespread anger among politicians and business leaders.

Saturday October 31st

7am: BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg reveals that some of the information shown to the quad includes that daily deaths could exceed 4,000

11 clock:: Boris Johnson calls an unscheduled cabinet meeting to inform angry ministers of his plans. With just a few hours left, he also calls a hastily arranged live press conference at 4 p.m. to let the nation know of his plans.

11 clock: Downing Street opens an investigation to find the source of the story. The government reportedly wanted to keep the plan quiet until Monday.

Several government sources tried to blame Matt Hancock by accusing him of trying to get the prime minister to announce the lockdown before he could worry. The Minister of Health vigorously denied the allegations.

However, other sources pointed a finger at Mr. Gove – the other "pigeon" in the quad – and suggested that Mr. Hancock be made the "case type" for the leak.

Mr Gove flatly denied the claim this morning.

1.30 p.m .: The cabinet meets virtually and the Prime Minister dials in from Downing Street. It takes over an hour

2.30 p.m .: The press conference has been postponed to 5 p.m., suggesting the lockdown plans are still being worked out and discussed by ministers.

3:40 pm: Mr Peston tweeted a summary of the actions Mr Johnson will announce at the press conference following the cabinet meeting.

3:58 p.m .: The BBC's Nick Eardly reveals similar details about what is being announced.

4:50 p.m .: The press conference will be postponed to 6.30 p.m.

17 o'clock: It turns out that Mr. Johnson apologized to Conservative MPs and informed them that he will open an investigation to find the "culprit" who released details of the new lockdown prior to his announcement.

Mr Johnson sends a message to Conservative MPs on WhatsApp to apologize and warn that there are "no easy short-term options". "Folks – I'm so sorry you heard about it in the papers today," he wrote.

"Let me assure you that the leak wasn't briefing # 10 and we have indeed opened an investigation to catch the culprit." I was hoping to make the announcement in Parliament on Monday, but to avoid further uncertainty, I will be holding a press conference on Downing Street tonight.

“My team will make sure that in the coming days you will have access to all the data and information from scientists you need. Please speak to your whip when you have something to feed.

“I assure you that we will do what we think is best for the country and ensure that the NHS is not overwhelmed in a way that could cost many thousands of lives.

“There is a clear way out, with better drugs and rapid tests – and the real prospect of a vaccine. Our country will recover well. But I'm afraid there are no easy short-term options. Best Boris. & # 39;

6:45 pm: Boris Johnson, along with Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Patrice Vallance, is finally facing the belated press conference.

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty

The press conference lasts just under half an hour and is part of the broadcast of the latest episode of Strictly Come Dancing.

The stations had already put the Little Mix talent show on for a 4pm address, and when it was reset to 5pm, Reeta Chakrabarti held a half-hour news special at 4.30pm.

However, she still presented the program at 7:13 p.m., so Mastermind was also canceled.

7.14 p.m .: Strictly speaking, attendees and production staff find it aired just seconds before the network began playing the introductory music around 7:14 p.m. – four minutes after the originally scheduled time.

The press conference lasts just under half an hour and is part of the broadcast of the latest episode of Strictly Come Dancing

The press conference lasts just under half an hour and is part of the broadcast of the latest episode of Strictly Come Dancing

Sources on the show said that at some point it was expected that the show would be postponed to a later day as no information had come from the planning department.

One said last night, “We had no idea what was going on. We kept running out of time.

& # 39; It was total chaos. There were calls back and forth but no one knew what Boris and his team were doing, so everyone on the Strictly team got stuck. You can imagine the nerves behind the scenes among the dancers. & # 39;

Fans on Twitter also made fun of the situation. Broadcaster Matt Chorley wrote: "Of all the extremely dangerous things this government has done, the riskiest thing seems to be to fiddle with the start of Strictly."

Saturday night:

Tory Backbench Lockdown Hawks are venting their anger over the new announcement.

Sir Robert Syms, an ex-Tory whip, suggested that No10 had not properly "checked" the progress of the three-tier system, where restrictions of varying severity apply to individual regions.

Sir Robert tweeted, “I'm open to further action (but) we have a regional approach that we don't have time to work on. If we need to optimize it, let's measure what works and discard what doesn't. Right now, the government is getting caught up in a change before we have checked the progress. & # 39;

Desmond Swayne, the Conservative MP for New Forest West, described the move as "catastrophic" and accused cabinet ministers of behaving like "headless chickens".

Mr. Swayne said, “Lockdowns make everyone poorer and poor people make poorer. I fear that more people will die sooner than they would have as a result of the decision.

"80,000 people die in a bad flu season, but we don't act like headless chickens."

Sir Charles Walker, vice chairman of the 1922 committee, told the BBC: “There has to be another way of doing this. If you want first world public services, you need a first world economy. & # 39;

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