Bullingdon revisits: ten black Oxford students take a famous photo

Bullingdon revisits: ten black Oxford students recreate the famous portrayal of white privilege by David Cameron and Boris Johnson

  • Ten black newbies to Oxford recreated the infamous photo of the Bullingdon Club
  • The photo should inspire other people from difficult backgrounds to strive for success
  • The original photo showed a young Boris Johnson and David Cameron

The pose may look familiar, but what these Oxford University freshmen hope to convey is a message far removed from the decadence and privilege of the students in the original.

Ten black freshman students recreated the infamous photo of the Bullingdon Club with a young Boris Johnson and David Cameron to inspire others from difficult backgrounds to pursue success.

The student who took the so-called "parody" photo, sitting on the steps to the right that corresponds to Mr. Johnson's passage in the 1987 photo, hopes people will take away an "overall positive" when they see it "strengthen yourself".

The Reshoot: Black Oxford students reproduce the pose adopted by Bullingdon Club members in 1987

In a post on the corporate network website, Linkedin, he also wrote: “As a working-class black man from south east London, there were certain structural economic and social pressures that were unfairly placed on me by the establishment numbers in the original Bullingdon picture due to the combination of my race and the gender identified. & # 39; The man, who did not want to be named, studied at Harris Academy in Falconwood in south-east London and began a history degree at Oxford that semester.

The photo was shared on Twitter by local newspaper Peckham Peculiar along with the old photo of Mr Johnson, former Prime Minister Mr Cameron and other members of the Bullingdon Club, which is as well known for its dogged behavior and drinking as it is for making the country's leader.

One of those in the new photo, Amgad Salih, who studies economics and management and attended Harris Academy in Battersea, south west London, wrote on Linkedin: “Representation is the key! #blackhistorymonth #blackexcellence #oxford. & # 39;

The original: Bullingdon members including David Cameron, top row, second left, and Boris Johnson, first row, right

Others in the photo are Joshua Chima, a law student from Bradford, West Yorkshire; Joshua Abioye, a chemistry student who attended St. Thomas the Apostle College in Nunhead, southeast London; Wayne Gouro, an engineering student who attended St. Dominic Sixth Form College at Harrow, northwest London; and Joshua Omolegan from Bristol, who studies computer science. Another is Myles Alexander-Bryan, a former independent student from Harrow on the Hill. He studies philosophy, politics and economics – just like the old Etonian Cameron.

On Twitter, a user commented on the photo: "Do I see a future black prime minister standing there?" Another, referring to the Bullingdon Club antics, said, "Pretty sure these young men have better things to do with their time than setting fire to garbage restaurants and £ 50 bills."

The percentage of black and ethnic minority students in Oxford rose from 14.5 percent five years ago to 22.1 percent last year, according to university figures.