Broken-hearted parents share the moment when they told their son that his dog died after eating beach litter

Heartbroken parents reveal that their family dog ​​died after eating barbecues that had been dumped on a beach

  • Francis and Nolan Howarth posted a video online to warn the lout
  • The footage showed her five-year-old son Michael telling the news of his dog's death
  • Bandit, a Welsh Springer Spaniel, had a special relationship with the boy
  • The dog had eaten two cobs of corn on the beach at Lytham St. Annes

Devastated parents shared the heartbreaking moment when they told their five-year-old son that his dog had died after eating grilled food leftovers on the beach.

Francis and Nolan Howarth unveiled their son Michael's footage in tears with the terrible news.

Dad Nolan wrote online: “This happens when you don't pick up garbage. You do that with five year olds, you break their hearts.

It came after Bandit, a Welsh Springer Spaniel, passed away after mocking the remains of grills on the beach at Lytham St. Annes near Blackpool.

Its owner Francis Howarth had taken him on a regular walk on the sand on June 23 when he came across a leftover corn cob and ate the whole, including the kernel.

Video of Michael Howarth, five, released by his parents after his dog died

Devastated: The video released by his parents shows Michael Howart's tears in the terrible news

And despite her immediate attempt to stop him, the consequences led to surgery that complicated his stomach and left him to die three weeks later.

His death upset the family of three, especially their five-year-old son Michael, who was broken after the sad news.

The parents have since shared a video on Facebook telling him that Bandit has been sent to the "Rainbow Bridge" to raise awareness of the total destruction that rubbish can cause.

Bandit, a Welsh Springer Spaniel, died after eating leftovers left on the beach

Bandit, a Welsh Springer Spaniel, died after eating leftovers left on the beach

Francis said, "I went for a walk with him, as I normally do on the beach, and Bandit loved jumping through the dunes.

"They were quite high, so he was a bit ahead of me and when I caught up with him I saw that he was sniffing around in the trash, so I obviously stopped him.

“I didn't know what he was eating at that point. A few days later, he started to vomit and felt really uncomfortable. The next day was really going downhill, so I knew I had to call her. & # 39;

Bandit the dog on the beach with Michael Howart

Michael Howart plays bandit with his beloved dog

Bandit and Michael Howarth, five, had a special relationship and enjoyed playing together

The vets let Bandit directly into the Blackpool PDSA Pet Hospital and found constipation in his stomach during the exam.

When they opened it for surgery to remove the object, the vet found two corn cobs that Bandit had swallowed after being buried in the sand instead of packing them.

Francis added: “One of the stems was in his stomach and one was really deep in his gut, which was really not a good thing.

The vets told us we should keep an eye on him, but they said that hopefully he would recover since he was a young, strong dog, so we thought he would be fine.

Bandit was allowed to go home after visiting the vet, but soon got worse

Bandit was allowed to go home after visiting the vet, but soon got worse

"But on Saturday morning he was sick again and I knew something was wrong."

The family brought Bandit back to the vets that day, where they did an ultrasound and found another constipation in his stomach.

Francis was then told that there were two ways to either put him down or go through another operation to see what the problem was, and she decided on the latter.

He explained: “An hour later, the vet called me and said that where they had repaired his intestines, his stomach had unfortunately healed against the body and there were large sacks of hangovers that caused peritonitis.

The death of Bandit the Welsh Springer Spaniel robbed five-year-old Michael Howarth

The death of Bandit the Welsh Springer Spaniel robbed five-year-old Michael Howarth

"There was nothing more they could do to help him, they just had to let him go."

Francis and her husband Nolan had to tell their five-year-old son Michael the devastating news.

The couple decided to share the video on Facebook showing the heartbreaking ordeal to raise awareness of the harmful effects of garbage.

To ease the difficult news, Michael's parents told him that Bandit had gone to the Rainbow Bridge, a term they used to refer to the sky.

Francis added: “People from outside the city came to St. Annes during the closure because it is absolutely beautiful, but there is so much garbage everywhere.

"I can't tell you how angry I am, it's just incredible. It is not difficult to take your garbage.

“Many people don't know that the middle of a corn cob is fatal to dogs. We just want people to recognize the devastation that has caused it. & # 39;