Brits who break the Covid rules after both bumps could "more than offset" the benefits, warn experts

Older Britons breaking Covid rules after receiving both doses of the coronavirus vaccine could more than make up for the benefits, experts warn

  • Experts fear that many will stop social distancing after being vaccinated
  • Protection against Covid does not come into effect until about two weeks after the first vaccine dose
  • It remains unclear whether the bumps will stop the infection or just prevent people from getting sick

Experts have warned that Brits who stop following lockdown rules after receiving their bumps could sabotage the vaccination program.

A subgroup on the Sage advisory panel said the analysis suggests many will stop following social distancing rules after vaccination.

Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviors (SPI-B) posts published yesterday evening said the potential dangers are severe enough to more than offset the benefits of mass vaccination.

Brits who no longer obey lockdown rules after receiving their shocks risk sabotaging the vaccination program, experts have warned (file photo)

Protection against Covid only occurs about two weeks after receiving the first vaccine dose.

It remains unclear whether the bumps will stop the infection or just prevent recipients from getting sick – meaning those who have been vaccinated can pass the virus on without knowing they have it.

This risk would lessen once the British were vaccinated again – but experts stressed the importance of following the rules during the first few weeks of the vaccination program.

"The modeling suggests that decreased adherence, depending on the effectiveness of the vaccine, could more than offset the benefits of vaccination by increasing infection rates, especially in the first few months before there is high levels of coverage," warned the SPI-B .

"One of the unintended consequences of vaccination is the risk that the population will take other protective measures such as hand washing, wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, limiting interaction with large groups and maintaining quarantine," the newspapers said.

"Compliance may decrease when people need less protection or when the rules and guidelines seem less important to them because more attention is focused on the vaccine."

The group urged officials "to make sure people realize that vaccination, however effective it may be, carries some risk".


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