Boris Johnson wants Rishi Sunak to extend the vacation beyond the embargo

Rishi Sunak is persuaded by the Prime Minister to extend the vacation package after the lockdown ends

  • Prime Minister wants Rishi Sunak to make vacation pay available to the country
  • Details are ironed out before the Chancellor introduces the police to the public
  • Boris Johnson pledged to extend government vacation payments on Monday

The Prime Minister "gets" Rishi Sunak to ensure that vacation program money is available across the country once the national lockdown ends.

The Chancellor is being pressured to deliver on a pledge to provide England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with funding in the country's ongoing economic struggles, it was alleged.

It comes just days after the Prime Minister pledged to extend government vacation payments in November and December.

An ally of Mr. Sunak told The Times that the Chancellor had been "forced" to make a commitment that would allow any part of the country to receive vacation pay.

Rishi Sunak is "ricocheted" and guarantees vacation pay will be available across the country after the ban is lifted

You told the Times: "It has enormous consequences, both for England and for the Union."

Sources said while the details were being refined, that's what the Chancellor wanted "Mechanic Ironed Out" before it was opened to the public.

Another government source told the newspaper: “If regions have to be closed in the future, should they receive the full wage subsidy of 80 percent?

& # 39; The Prime Minister's position on this is robust. The vacation program will be available in all parts of the UK. & # 39;

On Monday, Boris Johnson pledged to extend vacation pay to 80 percent through December and regretted the difficulties companies had already suffered this year.

He said, “So we're going to extend the vacation system until November.

& # 39; The holiday program was a success in the spring and supported people in companies at a critical time. We're not going to end it, we're going to extend the vacation until December. & # 39;

The Under the Extended Vacation Program, employees will receive 80 percent of their current salary for hours not worked, up to a maximum of £ 2,500.

However, his comments appeared to contradict community secretary Robert Jenrick, who said it was up to the Treasury Department to see if the coronavirus aid package would continue after December 2.

The Prime Minister promised to extend vacation payments by 80 percent until December

The Prime Minister promised to extend vacation payments by 80 percent until December

The Chancellor had hoped that the holiday program, along with a number of changes in support measures, would provide a "vital safety net" for people across the UK facing a harsh winter.

That support, however, has contributed to the UK's already crippling debt.

Earlier in the pandemic, it emerged that the prime minister had raised more coronavirus-fighting loans in five months than the government had in the entire year following the 2008 financial crash.

The economic consequences of the pandemic were exposed by the Office of Budgetary Responsibility (OBR) when the UK's national debt surpassed £ 2 trillion.

In a dismal 10-page analysis of the state of public sector finances, the OBR underscored how deep the nation was in the red.

From April to August of this year, net borrowing surged to over £ 173 billion as the Chancellor financed the wages of employees on leave and granted business bailouts.

After Mr Johnson completely blocked the nation again, an economist predicted a devastating £ 1.8 billion a day, with the restrictions likely to result in office parties being canceled and festive spending falling.

Prof. Douglas McWilliams, Founder of the Center for Business and Corporate Research, told The Sun, “I fear it will be a bleak Christmas for business and it will be devastating.

& # 39; Retail will be particularly hard hit as sales at this time of year are around 50 percent above the monthly average. The effects of reduced Christmas spending will be enormous.

"If the office bash is canceled, people won't buy new party dresses."


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