BMA is excited about the plan to "treat every man with a beard and penis as a woman"

The British Medical Association was charged today with "denying biological reality" after saying it allowed transgender people to legally change their gender identity without a doctor's approval.

Doctors supported a motion at the BMA's annual meeting yesterday calling on the government to pursue a “simplified” path for transgender and non-binary people to obtain legal gender recognition.

Currently, people in the UK need a diagnosis of gender dysphoria in order to legally change their gender identity under the Gender Recognition Act.

However, the BMA hopes the government will adopt models similar to those in the Republic of Ireland and Denmark, which will allow individuals to obtain legal gender recognition through an affidavit.

The move was criticized by the LGB alliance, which accused the association of using an "ambush practice" after allegedly distributing briefing documents only an hour before the decision.

Allianz has also beaten the BMA for allegedly agreeing to "treat every man with a beard and penis who" identifies as a woman "as a woman in hospital.

Transgender people should be allowed to change their gender in the UK without a doctor's approval, according to the British Medical Association. Pictured: file image

Bev Jackson, founder of the LGB Alliance, told MailOnline: & # 39;The public is unaware that this would mean introducing self-ID without a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

“If it wasn't that serious, it would be a joke. The BMA clearly has an egg on its face. As we last saw with Covid-19, biological sex is really important.

“We would expect doctors of all people to know that. We heard that the briefing documents were only given to the meeting an hour before the decision was made.

"This is a standard ambush practice recommended by gender identity activists who seek to create confusion with a minimum of information and consultation in the hope that those affected will accept the issue of being 'friendly'.

“It has nothing to do with kindness and everything to do with denying biological reality. Of course, the BMA has to think again to avoid being ridiculed. & # 39;

Current rules according to the Gender Recognition Act

Currently, those who want to legally change their gender must apply to the Gender Recognition Panel for a Gender Recognition Certificate.

Applicants must have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, must be over 18 years old and have lived in their gender for more than two years in order to apply.

Anyone wishing to change gender must also pay 140 pounds and indicate that they intend to live in their gender for life.

Source: Gov UK

However, Eloise Stonborough, Head of Policy and Research at Stonewall, welcomed the BMA's endorsement, adding that the current gender recognition process in the UK was "degrading and inconsistent with international best practices".

"It is great to see the British Medical Association affirming that trans and non-binary deserve to be recognized for who they are without a medical diagnosis," added Ms. Stonborough.

& # 39; Last year the World Health Organization recognized that transsexuality is not a mental illness.

“That is why we have asked the government to introduce a de-medicated self-determination system for gender recognition and we are pleased to hear that the British Medical Association is now calling for a similar system.

"The current gender recognition law is out of date and equality between trans and non-binary people is long overdue."

The BMA was asked to comment.

In a background discussion on the motion published yesterday, the BMA reaffirmed the right of transgender and non-binary people to "have access to health care and live their lives with dignity".

The motion alleged that many transgender people found the requirement of a medical diagnosis to be "degrading and patronizing by playing into outdated notions of transgender people who are mentally ill".

The BMA added that others found the process "too bureaucratic and expensive".

The proposal, which was narrowly adopted, also called on the government to give transgender people the opportunity to “receive in facilities that match their gender identity”.

It was asked that "transgender healthcare workers have access to facilities that match the gender they have identified".

However, the BMA admitted that the application is “not undisputed” and wrote: “Involving physicians or other health professionals who have experience working with people with gender dysphoria can facilitate discussions about emotional and physical well-being, which can be helpful to the transgender person patient. & # 39;

Dr. Helena McKeown, Chairwoman of the BMA Representation, told the Telegraph: “We are against all forms of discrimination and we are committed to providing universal access to health care for everyone based on clinical needs.

“Medical treatment can be stressful for patients. Therefore, it is important that individuals receive medical care in environments where they are comfortable.

"This applies to both transgender and cis people."

Currently, a person must show that they have lived in their chosen gender for two years in order to apply for a Certificate of Gender Recognition in the UK.

The Gender Recognition Act states that a person must also be over 18 and pay £ 140 and declare it intend to live as that sex for the rest of their lives.

In 2018, Theresa May's government worked out measures that would have allowed transgender people to change their birth certificates without a medical diagnosis.

In 2018, Theresa May's government drafted measures that would have allowed transgender people to change their birth certificates without a medical diagnosis

In 2018, Theresa May's government drafted measures that would have allowed transgender people to change their birth certificates without a medical diagnosis

However, in June it was reported that these plans had been abandoned by Boris Johnson

However, it was reported in June that those plans had been abandoned by Boris Johnson

However, in June it was reported that these plans had been abandoned by Boris Johnson.

Instead, the Sunday Times claimed that ministers planned to announce a ban on "gay healing therapies," which it described as an attempt to calm LGBT people.

At the same time, the government reportedly prepared to take new security measures to protect women-only spaces – including shelters and public toilets – to prevent them from being used by people with male anatomy.

The details are said to be included in a leaked paper setting out the government's long-belated response to a public consultation on the Gender Recognition Act.

The Sunday Times said the paper was "basically ready" and will be published by Gender Equality Secretary Liz Truss in late July before MPs take a break for the summer.

A # 10 source said the details of the response had yet to be finalized and the Prime Minister would have the final say on the recommendations.