Black comedian Sophie Duker's joke about killing white people triggers 42 Ofcom complaints

Black comedian Sophie Duker's shocking "joke" about killing white people on the BBC sparked 42 complaints with the Ofcom broadcaster.

30-year-old left-wing comics woman Duker caused widespread public outrage yesterday after making dubious remarks on an episode of Frankie Boyle's disrespectful BBC2 panel show New World Order about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Her misjudged gag about killing Whitey has sparked 42 complaints with Ofcom, a regulator spokesman who has confirmed it. The BBC would not tell MailOnline how many formal complaints it received.

Ms. Duker, who appeared on 8 out of 10 cats, said she had previously been booked by the producers of Radio 4's News Quiz "Last Minute" to replace a white male comic so that the panel would not be "pure white" be.

In an interview for the RHLSTP comedy podcast, she claimed she refused to appear on future episodes of the program unless the BBC hired other black panelists.

She then said the company had privately admitted that it "understood" her concerns and vowed it would rebook her for the show by meeting the "conditions" she set.

Critics are now accusing the BBC of complying with Ms. Duker's requests despite a severe public setback after her performance, despite Director General Tim Davie's promise to address the "left bias" issue in her comedy edition.

Angry Conservative MP Ben Bradley broke Ms. Duker's joke about "racially motivated murder" and officially complained to the BBC.

The Backbencher called the gag "yet another example of the BBC being far from the grassroots when it comes to representing the views and values ​​of the majority of the public".

"I've seen clips from the episode online and have since filed a formal complaint with the BBC about the content," Bradley told MailOnline.

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Controversial statements about racism and "white power" were made by comic Sophie Duker on an episode of Frankie Boyle's new series of panel show New World Order


Duker was born in London to first generation immigrants from West Africa. Her mother is from Cameroon and her father from Ghana. She studied French and English at Wadham College, Oxford. She joined Oxford Imps in her freshman year at University.

Duker, a Pleasance Comedy Reserve graduate, was shortlisted for the 2015 Funny Women Award. She founded and hosted the show "Manic Pixie Dream Girls" as part of the Edinburgh Free Festival in 2016 and 2017.

Duker was assistant director for Frankie Boyle's New World Order and researcher for 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. In 2019 she appeared on 8 out of 10 cats, Frankie Boyle's New World Order, Dave Gorman: Terms and Conditions Apply and Mock the Week, and in 2020 in 8 out of 10 cats counts down.

In 2018, Duker founded the comedy night & # 39; Wacky Racists & # 39; which currently has a monthly residency at 2Northdown in Kings Cross, London and performs spin-off shows at festivals and events across the UK. In December 2019, the Soho Theater hosted a seasonal Christmas special, "Wacky Racists".

Duker starred in the pilot for a hidden-camera sketch show on Channel 4 called Riot Girls, as well as on the Comedy Central UK comedy show What I Wish Would Said in 2018.

Her first stand-up show, Diet Woke, premiered in 2018. She brought her 2019 show "Venus" to the Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe and performed at the Edinburgh Pleasance from July 31 to August 25, 2019.

“I have no idea how a producer might think it appropriate to joke about killing white people, and you can bet on your life that if it were the other way around, there would be an outcry.

"I'm all for 'nervous' comedies and jokes, which may be a bit close to the line, are often the funniest, but jokes about racially motivated murder in this context must surely go well beyond that line."

"It's another example of the BBC being far from the grassroots when it comes to representing the views and values ​​of the majority of the public."

The comedian made controversial statements about racism and "white power", calling "white" a "capitalist structure" and joking about "killing whitey".

Ms. Duker spoke to Richard Herring about the podcast yesterday and said: & # 39;I was asked to do the news quiz on very short notice after doing an episode on the series and I knew right away that it would be to talk about Black Lives Matter.

“They told me shortly after that I was going to replace another comic that was a white man and it would have been an all-white panel and that's why I was booked.

“I said I wouldn't go back to the short film unless there was another black person on the show. There was no other black person at all involved in the editorial work.

“I was notified by email (from the BBC) afterwards and they said they basically understood why I did it. They would really like to have me back and make it a simple yes on the terms I have described. I found it really lovely and noble.

MailOnline has asked the BBC for a comment.

Yesterday the BBC came under fire for broadcasting "racist" remarks from the "Marxist" comic strip in an episode about the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a section where panellists discuss whether the movement is "glossing over the complexities of a world where we all have to come together and kill Whitey," Boyle played a clip by black writer James Baldwin, who spoke about "Black Power "spoke of the Dick Cavett Show in the 1970s.

In response to the clip, Duker said, "White power is Trump Tower" – a nod to the leftist allegations that the US president is a racist.

She continued, "But when we say we want to kill Whitey, we don't really mean we want to kill Whitey." Ms. Duker then quips the panelists that we are laughing.

Controversial statements on racism and

Controversial statements about racism and "white power" were made by comic Sophie Duker on an episode of Frankie Boyle's new series of panel show New World Order

Frankie Boyle

Sara Pescoe

During their monologue, Duker's co-panelists – Frankie Boyle, Sara Pascoe, and Jamali Maddix – can be seen nodding and humming in agreement with the comedian

The segment fueled the anger of a growing choir of royalty payers wondering why the BBC is broadcasting "comedy" where they "joke" about the killing of an entire race of people.

The segment fueled the anger of a growing chorus of royalty payers wondering why the BBC "broadcasts" a comedy in which they "joke" about the killing of an entire race of people.

Ms. Duker added, “But when people respond to people who say white privileges – white is a capitalist structure, it benefits itself. It hurts white people, it doesn't hurt black people, it hurts black people.

"But still this kind of fear of a black alternative, and it's this kind of rhetoric that fights against each other, this extremely capitalist rhetoric of domination."

The great TV license shutdown: Figures show that 237,000 families paid fewer BBC fees last year when viewers switched to Netflix

According to the BBC's annual report, fewer households are buying TV licenses.

Audiences for its main channels have also plummeted, suggesting that many families are dependent on streaming services like Netflix.

The company said there were 25.9 million licenses in effect in 2019/20 – a decrease from 237,000 per year.

With a £ 157.50 license, the fall cost the BBC just under £ 40 million. The BBC lost millions more as the government began reducing the amount of money it is making available to the company to pay for free licenses for those over 75.

Total royalty income decreased by £ 170m to just over £ 3.5bn.

According to yesterday's report, younger people ages 16 to 34 saw or heard only seven and a half hours of BBC content per week – only a slightly higher percentage than YouTube.

Across all age groups, the audience reach of BBC1 – the numbers that watch the station every week – fell from 68 percent to 65.4 percent per year. BBC2 also saw a drop from 42.9 percent to 41.9 percent.

The segment fueled the anger of a growing chorus of disgruntled royalty payers wondering why the BBC "broadcasts comedy" where they "joke" that they are killing an entire race of people.

Actor Laurence Fox thundered: "The BBC must have a policy of zero tolerance towards ALL forms of racism."

A BBC spokesman yesterday criticized his decision to air the "Marxist" comic, telling MailOnline: "Frankie Boyle's New World Order was shown after 10pm and the content was in line with audience expectations for a recent satirical program by a comedian after the turning point . " whose style and tone are well established & # 39 ;.

TalkRadio host Julia Hartley-Brewer said, “This is awful. It's not just uncomfortable, it's an incoherent, nonsensical Marxist gobbledygook. The white contributors nodding supportively while this woman jokes about killing people who look like her is just sick. & # 39;

Brexiteer Darren Grimes claimed: & # 39; This is from the BBC's New World Order comedy. I'm not sure what that "comedy" is like.

“I'm not sure why our money paid for it. I'm not sure why the BBC isn't challenging those who are determined to do whatever it takes to divide us with this hateful phrase of divisive scabies. & # 39;

Another social media user tweeted: "White hurts black people" ??? "Really?" Doesn't sound like a joke to me. Imagine Frankie Boyle says, "Blackness hurts white people!"

One commented, "Shouldn't Ofcom monitor and act against this type of incitement to violence masquerading as comedy?"

It comes after Tim Davie, the BBC's new general manager, vowed to address the corporation's "leftist comedy bias" over concerns that the station's comedy edition was viewed as "too one-sided".

Shows like BBC Two's satirical comedy The Mash Report and The Now Show on Radio 4 and Have I Got News For You have already received criticism.

Meanwhile, an anti-BBC campaign group seeking to drastically reform the company's governance has raised nearly £ 60,000 in donations.

Defund the BBC, a right-wing group founded by Brexiteers, started crowdfunding in June and aims to decriminalize non-payment of the TV license fee.

The group used the money to create campaign material, including billboards, merchandise, and social media advertising.

The campaign has three main objectives: to raise awareness of the legal implications of canceling a TV license, to urge the government to decriminalize non-payment of the license fee, and to work to ensure that the mandatory annual fee is reduced to the lowest possible level in the mid-level -Charter review by the BBC in 2022.

Defuse the BBC founder James Yucel

Defeat BBC activist Darren Grimes

Defund the BBC, founded by James Yucel (left), has raised more than £ 57,000 in donations amid anger over the & # 39; rich list & # 39; of the company that was released this week. The right-wing campaign is supported by prominent Brexiteer figures, including Darren Grimes (right) and Calvin Robinson

The spate of donations came as the BBC came under fire after published reports showed employee wages rose 3.5 percent to £ 1.5 billion that year.

Reports released earlier this week showed that Zoe Ball is now the BBC's top-earning gamer after pocketing a £ 1 million raise – pushing Gary Lineker off the top.

The 59-year-old Match of the Day star is said to have signed a new five-year contract – and a wage cut of almost 25 percent from 1.75 million pounds to 1.35 million pounds.

While the company said it was working to close the gender pay gap, anti-BBC activists said wage increases were given to those who did poorly.

They highlighted pay increases for Zoe Ball, who has lost nearly a million listeners, and Lauren Laverne, who hosts Desert Island Discs.

BBC press officer Liam Deacon told talkRADIO: “You could say that this is due to a good instinct to correct this gender pay gap, but I really think that this is actually symptomatic of a fundamental structural problem at the BBC , wages and money are not tied to performance, as would be the case in a company.

"The BBC is using our money in a really grotesque way."

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