Anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in Melbourne – officials use pepper spray

Step one: Effective September 14th

Step two: Effective September 28th

Step three: If there is a daily statewide average of five new cases in the past 14 days. The original target was October 26, brought forward to October 19 after the 14-day new case average fell below original expectations but was again put on hold after the number of new cases increased.

This has now been revamped to a series of "mini-steps" and more gradual easings as the numbers proved difficult to shift.

Step four: The transition to step four takes place if no new COVID-19 cases have occurred in the last 14 days. The aim is for this to happen on November 23rd

COVID normal: After 28 days with no new COVID-19 cases, things will return to normal.


Step one – took effect on September 14th

– – The curfew was eased to 9:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m.

– – People can still only leave the house for the four reasons (shopping, exercise, work and care, or medical care).

– – Public gatherings were increased to two people or one household for a maximum of two hours

– – Singles can bring a nominated person to their home as part of the "Singles Social Bubble".

– – Childcare and early childhood teachers remain closed

– – Schools continue to learn from a distance unless they have exceptions

– – Adult education should continue to be conducted remotely unless they have an exception

– – Only go to work if you are in an approved industry

– Caf├ęs and restaurants will only continue to operate as take-away

– Retail stores stay open for important purchases while others just click and collect

– Only one person per household can do the essential shopping

Step two – went into effect on September 28th

– – Melbourne's curfew has been lifted

– The number of public meetings increases again to five people from a maximum of two households

– – Childcare and early childhood educators can be reopened

– – Schools will continue with distance learning, but 2nd and 11th and 12th grades students will gradually return to class in Term 4

– – The number of jobs allowed will be increased

Step three – originally expected October 26th, brought forward to October 19th

– – There are no restrictions on leaving the house

– – Public gatherings increase to 10 people outdoors

– – A "budget bubble" is introduced so that five people from one house can visit another

– – Distance learning continues, but grades 3-11 can gradually return to class

– Adult education will continue to be carried out remotely, but hands-on teaching will gradually take place on site

– – Working from home is encouraged

– Up to 10 people can eat together in restaurants and cafes, with most of the tables outside

– Retail stores reopening with hairdressers operating under security but beauty stores closed

– Real estate agents can conduct private inspections by appointment

– The limit of one person per household for shopping is to be lifted

Step four – probably in November, depending on new case numbers:

– – Public gatherings are expected to increase to 50 people outdoors

– – Up to 20 visitors can visit a house at the same time

– – All adult education will return with on-site security measures

– Groups limited to 20 indoor spaces and a maximum of 50 guests per venue

– All retail stores must be reopened while real estate agents can operate with security measures and records of staff

Step five – COVID normal:

– – Public gatherings are not subject to any restriction

– – There will also be no restriction on visitors to houses

– Gradual return to work on site for home workers

– – Schools open again as usual

– Restrictions on hospitality have been lifted, but places where records can still be kept

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