An increase in NSW gastro cases leads to the warning

An increase in NSW gastro cases leads to the warning

The New South Wales government has warned parents after nearly 100 daycare centers reported gastro outbreaks in August alone.

NSW Health urged parents and caregivers to leave their children at home in the event of illness after 820 children and 165 employees fell ill in the state's centers.

"The number of children seeking treatment for the highly contagious infection in EDs has also risen above the usual level. 609 children seek medical help in (one) week," Keira Glasgow of NSW Health said in a statement.

"Infants or children in childcare or school who develop vomiting or diarrhea should stay at least 48 hours after their symptoms have stopped."

Gastro is often spread through direct contact with infected people and spreads easily if people have not washed their hands carefully after using the toilet or before handling food, Ms. Glasgow said.

"The best defense is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and running water for at least 10 seconds before handling and eating food, and always washing your hands after using the toilet, changing diapers, or helping someone who has diarrhea or vomiting, "she said.

Anyone recovering from gastroenteritis has been warned to avoid visiting hospitals and geriatric care facilities to stop the spread of the infection to the most vulnerable.


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