Amber Heard and girlfriend Bianca Butti arrive at the high court

A bombshell video showing Amber Heard's sister that allows friends to examine "bruises on her face and body" after the actress "flogged her with a **" proves that Whitney Henriquez lied under oath, said Johnny Depp's team of lawyers before the High Court today.

Ms. Henriquez commented this afternoon to explain the previously unseen reality TV clip from 2006 or 2007 – less than 24 hours after she claimed that Amber had never been violent towards her.

Mr. Depp's lawyer, David Sherborne, told the court that a "Confidential Source" gave them the clip after the magic of Mrs. Henriquez yesterday on the witness stand because it describes a physical fight between the sisters. He said the material "shows that Ms. Whitney (Henriquez) lied yesterday".

In the video she can be seen talking to a group of women around a swimming pool. Whitney admits an argument with her sister, adding, "I've already talked about it, I won't talk about it anymore." A woman then says to Whitney, "I can't believe Amber hit your A **. I know you can hit her. & # 39;

A woman asks her: “Did you really start the fight with your sister? Or did she start? & # 39 ;. Whitney then repeatedly says, "I don't want to talk about it" when asked about the incident. Another woman adds, "She really whipped your A **." She then inspects Whitney's arms and neck where a mark is visible. Whitney shows her arms and elbows while the woman also holds her chin up as if examining an injury.

Eleanor Laws QC, who represented Depp, interviewed Whitney today about the video, and Ms. Henriquez denied that the video proved that Heard had physically assaulted her, but admitted that they had a verbal argument.

Whitney passionately supported her sister Heard yesterday, saying that Depp had attacked her repeatedly – including when she saw the actor grabbing her hair and slapping her face – and Amber was "never violent" of her.

Mr. Sherborne said today's bombing video needed to be shown in court because the reliability of Ms. Whitney (Henriquez) was critical to the case.

Whitney Henriquez allows a friend to inspect her breast in a video where the group says Amber Heard whipped her **. When you testify today, the witness insists that it is a verbal and not a physical series

Amber Heard arrives in court today

Actress Amber Heard arrives at the High Court in London this morning to continue Johnny Depp's defamation case. However, the process was interrupted because Mr. Depp's team of lawyers claimed that Amber texted her sister Whitney (right) while she testified

Actress Amber Heard arrives at the High Court in London this morning to continue Johnny Depp's defamation case. However, the process was interrupted because Mr. Depp's team of lawyers also claimed that Amber had texted her sister Whitney (right) while testifying after the bomb video appeared

Johnny Depp waves when he arrives at London High Court yesterday for his defamation process against News Group Newspapers

Bombshell video of Amber Heard's sister "after the attack" that shattered the Johnny Depp defamation process

Here is a transcript of a video sent to Johnny Depp's team of lawyers from a "confidential source". According to the actor's lawyers, Amber Heard "attacked" her sister Whitney Henriquez.

The & # 39; WH & # 39; in the transcript below is Whitney Henriquez, Mrs. Heard's sister, to whom her maiden name Whitney Heard also referred in court.

(Unrecognizable speaking)

Woman 1: Did you get into a fight or something?

WH: Oh ah ha thanks.

Woman 2: an argument.

WH: Got into a fight.

Woman 1: (not recognizable) Oh.

WH: already talked about it. I will not talk about it anymore.

Woman 1: I can't believe Amber hit your A **. I know you could hit her.

WH: We won't talk about it.

Woman 1: Whitney Truth or Dare? Did you really start the fight with your sister? Or did she start? For real for real for real.

WH: We won't talk about it.

Woman 1: She really woke your butt.

WH: Oh, we're not talking about it.

Woman 1: Yes, I'm done. I think I'm done talking about it.

(Not visible)

Whitney said, "It was a really bad reality show. We were referring to a verbal argument that my sister and I had the night before." Ms. Laws replied, "A real argument that you must have described outside the camera, which is why you talked about it in front of the camera."

When asked about a woman in the video about Heard attacking her, Whitney replied, “This person tried to make a story, albeit a bad one, interesting. She tried to create a story that was not there. & # 39;

Whitney insisted that there were no marks on her face and that she had no injuries to her body.

Whitney explained why she didn't want to discuss anything with the women in the video and said, "I wasn't interested in verbally fighting my sister, putting him and my camera on a personal matter."

Ms. Laws accused Whitney of lying and said, "You had a physical fight with your sister and she defeated you."

Ms. Heard was also accused of telling Whitney another unusual turn in her ex-husband Johnny Depp's defamation process in London while taking evidence on Thursday. All witnesses, including Whitney, were instructed by Justice Justice Nicol not to communicate with anyone while testifying.

When the 14th day of the 21st century's biggest defamation began this morning, Mr. Sherborne asked the judge to keep Whitney out of court when they produced a new video showing how Amber was violent towards her. Whitney testified yesterday that Amber had never attacked her.

Mr. Sherborne informed the court that Ms. Henriquez "tailored" her sister's evidence. The lawyer added that Mr. Depp's legal team had been "provided with material indicating that Ms. Whitney (Henriquez) lied yesterday".

He said, "After she (Ms. Henriquez) testified yesterday, one of our employees was contacted by someone to be treated confidentially." He added: “We were contacted to explain that Ms. Amber Heard has experienced violence and attacked people in the past. This attached video of her sister Whitney (Henriquez) was recorded shortly after Amber Heard attacked her and Ms. Whitney (Henriquez) was filmed with people commenting on the bruises on her face and body. & # 39;

The megastar actor's legal team has also demanded that Ms. Heard not be allowed to use her cell phone while the court is playing a higher drama before the Royal Courts of Justice this morning.

The inquiries came before Ms. Henriquez was expected at the witness stand this morning to complete her evidence in the biggest defamation case of the 21st century. Mr. Sherborne said, "We ask Amber Herd not to use her phone (while she is in court). Miss Whitney Heard may be communicating as we speak. «

It comes after the High Court heard yesterday that his wife's drug addict Hollywood legend scribbled bloody messages on lampshades, pillows, walls, and a mirror, using his badly wounded finger as a brush.

Johnny Depp vs. The Sun: Key Issues in the Defamation Process

Hollywood star Johnny Depp's defamation lawsuit against The Sun begins its second week on Monday. These are the key questions that the trial judge, Mr. Justice Nicol, has to answer.

– Whether the April 2018 tabloid article Dan Wootton defamed Depp. Under the Defamation Act 2013, a statement is not defamatory, unless its publication seriously harms the applicant's reputation.

– Sun's editor, News Group Newspapers (NGN), defends the claim and relies on a defense of the truth. It is up to the publisher to prove that the claims made in the article are “essentially true”.

– The meaning of the article, defined as what it would mean to the "reasonable reader", must be determined by the judge. However, NGN lawyers say that the differences between the rival meanings claimed by each side are "insignificant" and the outcome of the case will therefore have no meaning.

– Depp's case is that the article meant that, after overwhelming evidence, he was guilty of serious domestic violence against his wife at the time, causing significant injuries, and causing her to fear for her life, for which he was forced to do no less pay as £ 5 million to compensate them and which resulted in him being subjected to an ongoing injunction; and for this reason it is not suitable to work in the film industry. "He vigorously denies the allegations, claiming that he" never beat or committed physical violence against Ms. Heard. "

– The meaning that NGN seeks to prove is that the Claimant hit his wife Amber Heard, causing serious injuries and occasional fear for her life. They rely on 14 different allegations of violence and more generally claim that Depp was "controlled and verbal and physically abusive" to Ms. Heard, especially when he was under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs throughout their relationship. NGN's lawyers say that an important issue for the judge will be what substances Depp used during the relationship. They claim that he has often lost control of himself, in part because of his heavy drug and alcohol use, and that his memory has been affected by his heavy drug use.

– If Depp wins his case, the judge must decide what compensation to pay for the damage to his reputation and for "hardship, injury, and humiliation." There is a defamation limit for common defamation of £ 300,000 to £ 325,000. However, if he succeeds in this, Depp can also claim increased damages. The actor also asked for a definitive injunction against NGN, who according to his legal team "kept the article on their website and kept their allegation to the bitter end".

The lawsuit was filed at the beginning of the 14th day of Mr. Depp's libel lawsuit against The Sun for allegations that he had been violent towards his ex-wife. On Thursday, Ms. Henriquez denied that Ms. Heard had ever hit her or that she was afraid of her sister.

She also indicated that Mr. Depp hit Mrs. Heard in Los Angeles in March 2015 during the so-called "staircase incident" "hitting the head really hard … several times".

Ms. Henriquez admitted that Ms. Heard hit Mr. Depp on this occasion, but only did so "in my defense" because her sister thought the actor would push her down the stairs.

Depp, 57, sued The Sun editor, News Group Newspapers (NGN), and editor-in-chief Dan Wootton for an April 2018 article in which he attacked Ms. Heard, 34, during their relationship, alleging that he has been referred to as a "thug".

Mr. Sherborne said to Judge Nicol: "In connection with the attack, what I will call the" stair case "and the evidence that we are saying about Ms. Amber Heard's attack on Mr. Depp, Ms. Whitney (Henriquez) You remember the protest that it was only for self-defense and that it is the only physical attack Ms. Amber Heard admits. & # 39;

He said Ms. Henriquez was asked on Thursday whether Ms. Amber Heard was violent and that the Los Angeles stair case in March 2015 was a one-off incident.

Mr. Sherborne went on to say that Ms. Henriquez's evidence of the March 2015 incident is "the only time another person is said to have been a witness" that Mr. Depp is violent of Ms. Heard.

He added: "The reliability of Ms. Whitney (Henriquez) is crucial."

Mr. Sherborne said Ms. Heard's evidence was that "she was never violent, she (not) physically assaulted Mr. Depp … and the only opportunity was when she acted in self-defense".

"Evidence that Ms. Heard was violent of her sister is relevant to this problem," Sherborne said.

He told the court, "We have the right to accuse Ms. Whitney (Henriquez) of violence. We want to play the videotape and ask her about the incident in which Ms. Amber Heard attacked her."

Mr Sherborne added: "Had we received this before the end of yesterday, we would have been entitled to make the allegation to her and we would be entitled to rely on it in our Opinion."

Ms. Henriquez's cross-examination was completed on Thursday afternoon and was to be interviewed on Friday by NGN's lawyer Sasha Wass QC.

Ms. Wass said she had not seen the video and was not aware of it until Mr. Sherborne told the court about it.

Mr. Justice Nicol said he wanted to "take evidence" with other witnesses, "and if Ms. Wass had the opportunity to see the video before we get to the subject, it would be desirable."

Amber Heard returned to the London High Court so that her sister could testify today after the actress said Johnny Depp threatened to cut my face with a bottle before he destroyed her house with raw meat.

Ms. Henriquez will end her evidence this morning before Heard's drama coach Kristina Sexton appears via video link from Australia and Heard's friends OK Tillett Wright and Raquel & # 39; Rocky & # 39; Submit evidence from Pennington to the United States.

Yesterday, Ms. Heard gave a terrible report of the slaughter of her husband's three-day ecstasy and whiskey rampage at her rented home on the Gold Coast in Australia, where he made a film about Pirates of the Caribbean in March 2015.

She said to Mr. Justice Nicol, “He pushed me against the fridge by my neck and yelled at me for ruining his life. He said again that I ruined his damn life and that I did it, I did it to him, I made him angry. He held a bottle in my face and said he would cut my face open. & # 39;

She said Depp washed ten ecstasy tablets of whiskey before tearing off her clothes and grabbing her breasts, gagging and beating her, and hurling them over a ping pong table.

She said the professing alcoholic threw 30 bottles "like grenades" at her after complaining about his drinking.

He held her by the neck as he "kept hitting a phone against the wall and shouting loudly" until the phone "disappeared" in pieces, she said.

It was this, she suggested, that Depp's fingertip cut off – discovered later behind the bar – and not his claim that it was a vodka bottle that she hurled at him.

Amber Heard and her friend Bianca Butti are arriving at the Royal Courts of Justice in London today to continue the defamation process

Amber Heard asked her acting teacher to be a "witness" on the set during the sex scenes with Liam Hemsworth in the 2013 Paranoia movie so that she could prove to Johnny Depp that they had no affair

Amber Heard became so "nervous" about making sex scenes in films that she asked her acting teacher to look at her so that she could have a "witness" when Johnny Depp accused her of having an affair, as the High Court heard today.

Kristina Sexton claimed that Mr. Depp did not want Ms. Heard to "play a role that is openly sexual", which led to her being on set in lazy moments with Liam Hemsworth in the movie Paranoia in 2013.

In her statement, Ms. Sexton also said that she had seen Ms. Heard "stressed out finding ways not to upset Johnny".

Kristina Sexton claimed that she had to be on set during Amber Heard's sex scenes with Liam Hemsworth in the 2013 movie Paranoia

Kristina Sexton claimed that she had to be on set during Amber Heard's sex scenes with Liam Hemsworth in the 2013 movie Paranoia

She said the actress wanted her to be on set during the sex scenes with actor Liam Hemsworth for the movie Paranoia 2013, "so that she (Ms. Heard) could have a witness for Johnny who could confirm that nothing but strict work was going on ".

Ms. Sexton said that Ms. Heard eventually appeared on billboards as the face of a presumption campaign and claimed that Ms. Heard told her that Mr. Depp said that she (Ms. Heard) should no longer do this because it made her look like one & # 39; cheap whore & # 39; & # 39 ;.

The acting coach claimed that Ms. Heard stopped modeling afterwards and declined the next Guess campaign, "although it was a lot of money for her."

Ms. Sexton went on to say that Ms. Heard "had previously been very happy with her sexuality and appearance," but when she and the actress made a film called London Fields for the first time in 2013, Ms. Heard appeared to be "stressed out about nudity in the Film & # 39 ;.

"It became impossible for us to work on it together at home – Johnny was angry that she was doing this part, so it was always" we can't do it now "or she called me and cried because he was her yelled about it, Ms. Sexton said.

In her statement, she said, "When we discussed upcoming opportunities and possible roles, she said things like," He doesn't want his wife to make this film "and he doesn't want" his wife to do sex scenes "."

Ms. Sexton said: “She told me that he accused everyone of being in love with her and accused her of constantly dealing with her sexuality.

She also told me that he was constantly upset about her ex-partner. She told me he was concerned that she was having affairs with co-stars.

"She started telling me that she couldn't play certain roles because he didn't want her to do & # 39; whoresparts & # 39 ;."

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