ALISON BOSHOFF reveals how Meghan Markle's friend was forced to apologize to a black blogger

Jessica Mulroney – Meghan Markle's best friend – has publicly apologized three times after grappling with racism and "white privileges" and has announced that she will retire from work.

Ms. Mulroney, who styled Meghan and also advised the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, was dropped by television stations and a department store after being accused of bullying black Canadian lifestyle blogger Sasha Exeter.

It's an ugly episode for Ms. Mulroney, 40, who has so far been proud to be known as the "fairy godmother of Canadian fashion".

Brags about her influence: Jessica Mulroney, top left, speaks on the Canadian TV show Cityline, which she has now dropped

She was used to exerting considerable influence both in fashion and as Megan's unofficial mouthpiece.

In recent months, she has been found to have attempted to manipulate a Sunday newspaper on behalf of the Duchess, and she has also been accused of disregarding Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, in a later deleted Instagram post.

The incident occurred in January when the Duchess released pictures of Holocaust survivors. Ms. Mulroney wrote: “Pretty pictures are pretty pictures. Make an effort to use your platform forever. "

Another provocative comment came after Harry and Meghan's announcement to leave the royal family when she said, "A strong woman faces a challenge and winks at her."

How ironic that this underprivileged Instagram champion, who Meghan's critics have repeatedly described as racist bullies, has now been accused of bullying herself.

Ms. Mulroney remarked great in an interview earlier: “I have a lot of friends in the entertainment business and I have a significant Instagram account myself, so I can throw a bone at them (fashion labels) and wear the earrings if I like them. & # 39;

But the spit appears to have twisted on social media after Miss Exeter asked Ms. Mulroney, who has 395,000 followers on Instagram and a wedding show on the Canadian network CTV, to use her platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement to show.

In recent months, it has emerged that Ms. Mulroney had attempted to manipulate a Sunday newspaper on behalf of the Duchess of Sussex. The couple pictured together in 2016

In recent months, it has emerged that Ms. Mulroney had attempted to manipulate a Sunday newspaper on behalf of the Duchess of Sussex. The couple pictured together in 2016

Ms. Mulroney had posted almost daily updates on her wedding planning show, I Do, Redo, where married couples can "repeat" their weddings that have been affected by illness or other events. It should also be released internationally on Netflix.

On "Blackout Tuesday" she did not post a black square in honor of George Floyd … instead she posted that love was not canceled and put her show away.

Miss Exeter urged her to do more. An argument ensued that, according to Miss Exeter, was "paralyzed with fear" after Ms. Mulroney threatened to sue her and harm her career.

Ms. Mulroney was immediately dropped by CTV and said apologetically, "I was wrong and I am really sorry … I will do everything in my power to correct this injustice." Some sources in the American media immediately took pleasure in this breathtaking turn of events.

One said, “It has a reputation for being snotty and great in some areas. Nobody thinks she is a racist for a minute, but nobody sheds a tear for her either. "

Maybe tough, but the humility of this shiny social media titan doesn't stop there.

Because it seems that events have also led to a split between Jessica Mulroney and Meghan – which has been remarkably silent about the scandal that has struck her best friend for almost a decade.

Before Meghan's wedding to Prince Harry, she and Mrs. Mulroney were close together and vacationed together. She even called Meghan "my darling".

Ms. Mulroney acted as her unofficial wedding planner and her children were bellboys and bridesmaids at the 2018 wedding.

After the wedding, she privately visited Meghan and Prince Harry in the Cotswolds and toured Australia, New Zealand and Fiji with them.

When Meghan came to the UK to assist Prince Harry in his last engagement after the "Megxit", Baby Archie was left in the care of Ms. Mulroney. She has also repeatedly jumped to Meghan's defense on Instagram.

As heiress to a shoe store and married to the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, she exerts considerable influence – or until yesterday.

So it was a fight between Miss Exeter and Mrs. Mulroney between David and Goliath – and one that the former seems to have won. in the

In a video on Wednesday, Miss Exeter said she "endured a number of very problematic behaviors and antics that ultimately resulted in (Ms. Mulroney) sending me a written threat last Wednesday."

The message Ms. Mulroney wrote to her was, “I also spoke to companies and people about how you treated me unfairly. You think your voice is important. Well, it's only important if you express it with kindness and without shame for people who are just trying to learn. Good luck. & # 39;

In response, Miss Exeter wrote: “I do not call Jess a racist, but I will say that she is well aware of her wealth, perceived power and privilege because of the color of her skin.

"And that, my friends, gave her the momentary confidence to come in writing for my living. So that she threatens me?

"A single mother, a single black mother during a racial pandemic? It is absolutely incredible. "

Mrs. Mulroney apologized. She wrote that she had experienced racism through her friendship with Meghan. “As I told you privately, I had a very public and personal experience with my closest friend, with the focus on the race. It was deeply instructive. I learned a lot from that. "

She said she was "clearly sorry" and wanted to "continue learning and listening how I can use my privilege to raise and support black voices".

Exeter said, however, that Ms. Mulroney had also sent her an SMS in private, threatening to sue her: "Liability lawsuit. Good luck. "Next, Ms. Mulroney apologized again:" She was right to call me because I didn't do enough to engage in the important and difficult conversation about race and injustice in our society. I took it personally and that was wrong. I know I have to do better. "

There was another excuse yesterday, saying, "I know more than ever that as a white, privileged woman, I'm way ahead of so many, especially those in the black community."

She added that she is withdrawing from professional commitments, is not taking legal action and is "more committed than ever to support efforts to combat racism".

She also said she respected CTV's decision to drop her show.

Netflix was supposed to release it in America, but didn't comment on it. It was also dropped by Hudson's Bay department store and the podium discussion show Cityline says they will no longer use it.

She was also hired to lead 2019 fashion slots at Good Morning America. But last night, ABC, who broadcast Good Morning America, said that they would not use Ms. Mulroney again as a fashion commentator, a big blow to her ambitions made it big in the US.

The cosmetics brand Fancy Face also dropped it, saying it no longer matched its values. What is puzzling is how someone as savvy as Ms. Mulroney can get it so wrong.

A TV source said, "I think it's not about more than your ego, but touching the third rail that is currently running in America is stunning."

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