Greenacre drivers reportedly behind an accident at Hijab House that was involved in a similar incident earlier this year

A new twist on a Muslim fashion store crash when it turns out that the driver did something VERY similar a few months ago when his lawyer tried to claim that he was "passed out" at the time of the accident

  • Sabry Moustafa Nassar was on trial after the Greenacre crash on Thursday
  • The court heard that Nassar was charged with a similar incident in January
  • Magistrate Holly Kemp noted "deliberate behavior" found in this offense

The man who crashed into a hijab shop in western Sydney was reportedly involved in a similar incident earlier this year.

Sabry Moustafa Nassar, 51, requested bail when he appeared before the Parramatta Bail Court, but was successfully rejected by the prosecutor because of the risk to the community and fears of a repeated incident.

The court heard that the crash was similar to an incident in Lakemba earlier this year for which he was also charged.

Magistrate Holly Kemp said there were elements of "predatory or deliberate behavior" in this crime, which took place in January.

"In my opinion, the material at hand concerns two similar incidents over a short period of time and is a serious example of this alleged crime," said Magistrate Kemp.

She added that no bail terms would alleviate her fear of the community or concerns that Nassar might again offend.

Nassar's lawyer Mostafa Daoudie informed the court that his client was passed out during the Greenacre incident and denied that he had deliberately driven into the store.

Nassar faces a maximum prison sentence of two years, and Mr. Daoudie said that due to the delays in court caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, prison time would likely outweigh the sentence.

Nassar was arrested again on Friday and charged with a number of crimes related to the Thursday crash that injured 14 people.

He has been accused of driving angry in a motor vehicle, which has resulted in personal injury, reckless driving, negligent driving, red light driving, and failure to notify the authorities of a change in home address.

Nassar was also accused of being ruthlessly driving and of not disclosing his data to any other driver in connection with a separate traffic accident in Lakemba on January 14th.

Ten people were hospitalized and at least two suffered broken bones when Nassar's Mitsubishi SUV crashed through the front door of the Hijab house in Greenacre on Thursday afternoon.

CCTV recordings show that the car stopped 30 meters before the traffic lights at the intersection of Boronia and Waterloo streets in the left lane and other cars drove around it.

At the start, a white sedan drives backwards, causing a series of minor collisions between other cars waiting at the traffic lights.

Smoke rises in the air as the car's wheels spin behind the white sedan for at least 20 seconds.

The limousine is finally pushed around the corner and the SUV continues through the intersection and plows into the store.

Nassar was conscious when he was arrested and taken to the hospital under police protection for an investigation.

After an interview at Bankstown Police Station, Nassar was released without charge before being arrested again at a house in Greenacre on Friday evening.