2020 US election: result in Nevada delayed, 51,000 votes yet to be counted

Nevada has inexplicably delayed its election results, stating that it will need at least until tomorrow to count the remaining votes as the country and the world wait in excruciating ways to find out who will be the next president.

It's unclear how many votes remain to be counted across the state, but in Clark County, where Las Vegas accounts for 800,000 of the 1.1 million votes already counted, officials say there are 51,000 they won't be able to count be able to return a result by tomorrow.

They claim it's because the process just takes so long, despite having somehow counted 15 times as many votes since the polls ended on Tuesday.

Your delay adds to the already unbearable wait to find out who the next president will be for frustrated Americans and people around the world who are now wondering why it is taking so long to reach a conclusion.

So far there has not been a simple answer. In some states, it's because the margin is incredibly tight. In other cases, mail-in ballots have not yet arrived and can still be counted for days.

Official censuses are usually never returned on election day or even immediately afterwards. Instead, the choice is always made by a television or news network based on an analysis of possible outcomes.

But nobody names it this year because the race in the remaining swing states was so close.

Biden is the leader in Nevada, but only with 11,545 votes, which is around 1 percent. If he claims the state today, he will Earn another 6 electoral college points and get 270 when you factor in the 11 from Arizona.

Arizona was called out to him by Fox and the AP on Wednesday morning, but with 450,000 votes still pending, it remains in the game for Trump. If Biden loses Arizona, he will have 259 votes for the electoral college. It would take him 11 more, from either Georgia [16], North Carolina [15], or Pennsylvania [20] to win.

It's unclear when North Carolina will announce, but it is expected to go like 2016 after Trump. The race in Nevada was close. Biden led most of the morning there with only around 7,000 votes.

Trump's team weeps fraud. They say they have "evidence" that "tens of thousands of votes" were fraudulently cast there.

"We are confident that President Trump will win the state of Nevada if all legal votes are counted – and only legal votes are counted," Ric Grenell, former director of National Intelligence, told Fox News Thursday morning.

Ric Grenell, Donald Trump adviser and former acting director of the National Intelligence Service, speaks during a press conference outside the Clark County Electoral Department on Thursday. They say they have "evidence" that tens of thousands of votes were fraudulently cast in Nevada


ARIZONA – 11 votes of the electoral college: votes are still counted, deadline for the result unclear

50.49% biden

48.14 biden

Fox and the AP gave Biden to Arizona on Wednesday before dawn.

On Wednesday afternoon officials said there were 600,000 votes left, suggesting they could be put back into the game.

The AP stands by his call, saying the outstanding votes are in Biden strongholds that will not return to Trump.

Biden's lead in Arizona has shrunk to around 68,000 votes.

Maricopa is the largest county in Arizona, home to Phoenix and 62% of the state's 7.28 million residents. A candidate cannot win the state without him

The count continues on Thursday. Maricopa County will report local time next Thursday evening

GEORGIA – 16 votes from the electoral college: The result is expected on Thursday

49.57% Trump

49.2% biden

NEVADA – 6 Electoral College Votes: Result expected 12 EST Thursday

49.33% biden

48.69% Trump

NORTH CAROLINA – 15 votes from the electoral college: Result expected on Thursday

50.09% Trump

48.69% biden

PENNSYLVANIA – 20 electoral college votes: Result expected Friday

Trump 50.72%

Biden 48.13%

& # 39; The reality is that transparency is not political. Ballot papers are not automatically legal votes until they are reviewed. We can't check.

“In the state of Nevada you can stay for 30 days. If you've been out of the state for 30 days, it's illegal to vote.

& # 39; We're filing this federal lawsuit to protect legal voters.

“In this country it is unacceptable for illegal votes to be counted. This is exactly what is happening in the state of Nevada, ”Grenell claimed at a press conference.

Nevada law states that an individual must be in the state at least 30 days prior to voting in order to be eligible to vote.

That does not necessarily mean that they must have been physically in the state 30 days before the election.

Trump's people also claim that many of the votes in Nevada came from people who no longer live there or were cast on the names of the deceased.

Trump is also suing in Pennsylvania – where voting in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh was temporarily suspended on Thursday because of its ongoing court battles – Michigan – which was called after Biden on Wednesday – and Georgia – where 60,000 votes are not counted.

He is calling for a recount in Wisconsin called Biden on Wednesday.

He raged on Twitter on Thursday morning: "Stop counting!" and said that no ballot papers would be counted "after election day".

He spoke about the number of postal ballot papers that can be counted through Friday, especially in Pennsylvania, provided they are sent in by November 3rd, election day.

Trump does better on personal voters and Biden does better on mail-ins.

The Trump campaign had a minor legal victory in Pennsylvania Thursday when a judge appointed ballot observer watched officials count ballots within six feet. Representatives from both campaigns were in the room to watch the counts, but at a greater distance due to the coronavirus.

You can sit closer now as long as you take the correct COVID precautions.

Democrats are appealing the case, however, and vote counting has been suspended in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, two heavily Democratic areas, while lawyers are fighting it. Biden closed the gap with Trump in Pennsylvania as ballots are counted.

Additionally, a judge in Chatham County, Georgia, where Savannah is located, ruled against the Trump campaign's legal challenge to some postal ballot papers. The judge said officials had taken the right precautions to ensure that legal ballot papers were counted. Trump's lead in Georgia fell to less than 20,000 votes as more votes were released.

The Biden campaign accused the Trump team of using the court system to delay the inevitable.

"What we see with these litigation is that it is unfounded and nothing more than an attempt to distract and delay the inevitable – Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States," said campaign manager Jennifer O & # 39; Malley Dillon said Reporters Thursday morning.

Trump has also accused Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar of unilaterally extending the deadline for unilaterally extending mail-in voters who were missing their voter ID.

At a press conference in Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon, Giuliani and Eric claimed that the president had won the state even though around a million postal ballots remained to be counted.

Like Trump himself, neither man has presented a legal argument in favor of victory or evidence of election fraud, but still claimed to have cheated.

"They're trying to cheat, they're trying to cheat," Eric Trump said repeatedly of the Democrats.

Giuliani complained for a few minutes about postal ballot papers which he claimed could be forged without evidence.

"This is more than anything I've ever seen before," he said. “Do you think we are stupid? Do you think we are fools?

"You know something, Democrats think you're stupid," added Giuliani.

“And they think you're an idiot. This is why one is called "unfortunate" and "sucker".

Protesters in Las Vegas on Wednesday night are demanding that any vote count as the close race for the White House

Protesters in Las Vegas on Wednesday night are demanding that any vote count as the close race for the White House

Supporters of President Donald Trump protest against the Nevada voting outside the Clark County Electoral Department in Las Vegas on Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Supporters of President Donald Trump protest against the Nevada voting outside the Clark County Electoral Department in Las Vegas on Wednesday, November 4, 2020