2020 U.S. Election: Twitter memes mock Nevada slow count

Americans spend time waiting for an election result, and increasingly creative memes are mocking the Nevada slow count.

Twitter and Instagram have been in full swing with memes poking fun at the slow counting of ballots with elections pending in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Nevada bears the brunt of the jokes, as around 25 percent of the ballots were still to be counted by Friday morning.

The state, which is expected to swing in the direction of Joe Biden and where Donald Trump has filed an election fraud lawsuit, has postponed the announcement of its result from Thursday noon.

Nevada only has 6 votes for the electoral college, but the polling desks in Silver State – many of which are on-site volunteers – have the nation spotlight on them as those votes could mean victory for Biden.

A social media user created one

One social media user created a "historical reenactment of today's epic Biden / Harris victory".

As the nation awakens to yet another day of uncertainty with several critical swing states still at play, Americans are turning to social media for much-needed slight relief

As the nation awakens to yet another day of uncertainty with several critical swing states still at play, Americans are turning to social media for much-needed slight relief

Victory is in sight for Biden as he is currently at the top of the electoral college with 253 votes.

It takes 270 to win, and two possible paths always look more realistic leads in the three key states in the game – Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona.

If he wins Pennsylvania he'll take 20 points and no longer need Arizona or Nevada.

But if he wins Arizona and Nevada, he won't need Pennsylvania anymore.

All three states are still working on their remaining ballots and it is unclear exactly when they will be ready.

Trump currently has 214 electoral colleges, which means he is 56 votes short.

Nevada, Arizona and Georgia expected to end their counts on Thursday, but then changed expectations and won't be finalizing the results until today at the earliest.

Pennsylvania had said before polling day that all counts would not be complete until Friday, when all postal ballot papers were received.

It's unclear when North Carolina will announce, but it's expected to go to Trump like 2016.

Fox News and the Associated Press called Arizona for Biden early Wednesday while the votes were still being counted.

With that, it only took him 6 votes to capture the White House, which meant Nevada would lead him to a victory.

This means that for the past two days, all eyes have been on Nevada, with volunteers at the counting centers processing the state's votes – and impatient social media users poking fun at the time it takes to get results.

One person shared a picture of the character Flash Slothmore – the sloth from the Disney movie Zootopia – and smiled and said, "This is the MF that counts the ballots in Nevada."

The iconic moment on the Titanic when Rose says it has been 84 years … since she sailed on the doomed ship was also a fitting example of how voters feel when the count continues to rumble .

"When Nevada is finally done counting," someone wrote next to the clip from the blockbuster film.

The state has also been compared to the comical character Mr Bean by a user who shared a picture and wrote, "We all have this one friend who is late for everything."

Another person shared footage of Judge Judy impatiently tapping her watch – a not-so-subtle target of the state counting process – while another person posted a clip of reality star Tanisha Thomas hitting a pan on the television series Bad Girls Club hit.

"I'm working with the Nevada pollers to finish the count," they wrote.

Others made fun of Trump's efforts to derail the election as he filed multiple lawsuits to stop counting in multiple states and pro-Trump supporters came to a counting center in Maricopa County, Arizona on Wednesday to demand that all votes be counted while they are on a separate counting center in Detroit, Michigan to request the opposite – that all counts stop.

One person posted a funny photo of Trump wearing a wig, makeup, and earrings in disguise to get into a polling station, along with the caption, "I want to speak to the polling officer."

Another compared the president to a Dracula Muppet character who laughed "ah-ha-ha".

Someone else shared a meme from Tom Cruise who laughingly wrote, "Nevada laughs at the memes instead of counting the ballots."

While another showed an exhausted looking SpongeBob SquarePants along with the comment, "Nevada after counting 113 ballots in one day."

Another meme introduced Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama making fun of Trump.

All eyes are on Nevada, and the volunteers at the counting centers and impatient social media users make fun of the time it takes to process the polls

All eyes are on Nevada, and the volunteers at the counting centers and impatient social media users make fun of the time it takes to process the polls

Biden: You'd think he'd understand why it takes so long to count ballots manually.

Obama: Why Joe? Biden: Small hands, ‚ÄĚread the meme next to a snapshot of the couple holding Obama's head.

Another social media user shared a meme from the iconic moment when Sandra Oh yelled, "Somebody calmed me down" on an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

The sentence was given a new meaning: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" with another person quoting this as a slogan for "people responsible for counting votes in Nevada."

"America:" Are you still awake? "Wrote one person.

& # 39; Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania: "New Country Who Dis?"

Another person compared the tension to the tabloid talk show Maury, known for its dramatic on-air moments where guests take DNA tests to prove or disprove paternity or polygraph tests to detect fraud.

"It seems like the whole country is waiting for Maury to find out who the father is," they wrote.

Several memes centered on the parody Ja & # 39; mie from the Australian comedy series Summer Heights High, which was portrayed by actor Chris Lilley.

& # 39; I'm so random. I can't believe I just did that, "says the character next to the headline." The Nevada tellers decide to take the day off. "

The slight relief comes when Trump called for the nation to run out of votes in the presidential election as his election campaign sparked multiple lawsuits and legal challenges in multiple states where Biden has taken the lead.

Trump has filed lawsuits in Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia as Biden nears the 270 election votes required to win the presidency.

In Wisconsin, a state that challenged Biden, the campaign has requested a recount.

On Thursday night, Trump launched an astonishing 17-minute rant from the White House briefing room making numerous unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud and falling victim to a conspiracy by big tech, big money, Democrats and the media.